In the late '60s, a new detective show came from America - Ironside.  It's mainly remembered for its brilliant Quincy Jones theme tune and for starring Raymond Burr as the eponymous wheelchair-bound hero.

The '60s were truly another time.  The character's name was Ironside and he was in a wheelchair.  How did they get away with that, even then?  Ironside was hugely successful and ran for many series.  What else could we have watched in the '60s and '70s?  Here are a few of the less successful shows from that era you may be unaware of.

Defoe (1972/3):  A series about a detective with hearing difficulties.

Classic Episode: Loose Lips Sink Ships.
A corrupt Navy officer and his accomplice plot to fire a torpedo at a U.S. aircraft carrier which is in harbour.  Fortunately, Defoe is able to lipread them discussing the plot and raises the alarm, causing the ship to be evacuated.

Classic Quote
Baddie: "Curse you Defoe, why couldn't you have minded your own business?"
Defoe: "Half past two."

Miss Ingham Investigates (1978):  A show about an unmarried amputee policewoman.

Classic Episode:  Disarming Silence
Miss Ingham disarms a bomb and receives a big round of applause.  She then becomes upset for no reason.  Silly Woman.

Classic Quote
Inspector James: "Hold him, Ingham!"
Miss Ingham: "I'll put him in handcuff, sir"

CSI Clopse (1979): A drama set in Clopse, Massachussets featuring Kent Sewell, one-eyed forensic scientist.

Classic Episode: Out Of His Depth
A frustrating case in which the hero can see the solution on the desk in front of him but can't quite put his finger on it.

Classic Quote
Police Dog-Handler "This is my dog, Patch."
Kent Sewell: "This is my man-patch."

King Rider (1968): An early precursor to Knight Rider featuring one-eared crime-fighter, Vincent King, and his talking van, Gogh.

Classic Episode:  Some Flowers.
King is asked by the U.S. Government to infiltrate a lab and investigate a technician believed to be a Soviet spy.  He is unmasked rather quickly as his lab goggles keep falling off.

Classic Quote
King: "You've got to be subtle here."
Gogh: "I understand Vincent, I won't make a spectacle of myself."

Lean (1966) Featuring an eponymous Private-Eye with one leg shorter than the other.

Classic Episode:  Lapland
A child runs away from home but, as he is not allowed to cross the road, keeps running round the block.  Lean is the ideal man to catch him.

Classic Quote
Lean: I've brought disgrace to the good name of my family and my city.  I'll leave after nightfall."
Mayor: I'll be there to make sure you slope off, Lean".

The A-A-A-A-A Team (1980): A gang of do-gooding stuttering ex-marines on the run from the a-a-a-a-authorities.

Classic Episode: Pizza The Action
The A-A-A-A-A Team phone for a pizza before spending the remaining thirty seconds building an armoured car.

Classic Quote
Farmer: "We've only got two minutes to save the dam."
Bannibal: "No talking!"

This is not a definitive list, by the way.  If you know of any shows that I've missed here, feel free to add them using the comments section.


Jonathan said...


Secret Amie (1975): Set in WWII, a group of Belgian Resistance fighters try to get all Belgian nationals called Amie into Britain.

Classic Episode: Allo! Allo!
A girl calls the cafe - Le Candide - but refuses to disclose her name when a woman answers.

Classic Quote:
Edith: "What is the Flemish for 1471?"
Rene: "You stupid bitch."

baby bedding said...

Yes, the actor in the role of Iron side's name was Raymond Burr, now deceased.