Anyone else sick of the word change yet?  I was going to play around with the Lib Dem posters too, but they already use the word change in them and I got rather bored of seeing it. 

Please politicians - of all parties - stop saying "change".  Say something else.  Say "serendipitous" or "marmalade".  Say "lumbago".  You will not get more votes just by saying "change".  Hopefully.


Simon said...

If there was a political party that managed to have a poster saying, "Marmalade serendipitously cures lumbago." Then I'd probably vote for them. If they could prove it and give marmalade on the NHS for people with bad backs I'd be even more likely to.

Marc said...

But that would mean them not giving painkillers to people with bad backs, and stealing those was the only thing that got me through walking the West Highland Way.

Still, if they said anything other than change, they'd probably get my vote.

Jonathan said...

To make them stop saying 'Change' we first need to change their attitudes. It's swings and roundabouts. And as the Lib Dems are getting in the way at the moment I suppose the slide too.

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