Dylan The Dead Donkey.

Yesterday we received some sad news. A letter from the donkey sanctuary informed us that Dylan, our adopted donkey, had died. We never met him, but he wrote regularly and always remembered my birthday.

This prompted a rather bizarre conversation today. My wife mentioned that cats go off on their own to die.
"Like donkeys", I suggested.
"Donkeys don't go off on their own to die", she replied.
"Dylan Did".
"Donkeys don't go off on their own to die", she insisted, "how would they dig a hole?"
"They would Burro!"

Fortunately for her, Briony returns to school soon.
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Jonathan said...

Did you know a Donkey is a mammal?

Marc said...

That'll explain why we can never get donkey eggs at Sainsbury's. Thanks Jonathan.

Jonathan said...

It's just one of those things that would have many people stumped when they read the £1 million question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Marc said...

When you say "many people" do you mean the stupid?