A Guide to Feline Facial Expressions.

I have a brilliant and quite well known cat, Horatio Pyewackett Caractacus Fearns.  He is pictured below.

I take my cat-owning responsibilities seriously.  Because of this, I have several books about domestic cats.  These books are all fairly alike, which is probably unsurprising, as they cover similar subject matter.  One thing that all of them contain is a guide to your cat's facial expressions.  I always find their interpretations to be a little general and inaccurate, and consequently unsatisfactory, so I've modified one to improve it (if you click  it, it becomes bigger).


Jonathan said...

Sensational photo Marc. This is the kind of thing an advertising firm will find one day, not realise the cat is in it and use it to advertise Skoda or something. Genius.

Rachel Simmo said...

It's funny how a cat's facial expressions tell you everything about them while a dog's tail movements tell you everything about them.

Your cat does look very cute. But puppies look cuter.

Marc said...

That sounds like the voice of experience, Jon. Where will I find your Skoda/moon-cat moment?

Rachel, there are whole sections on tails too. Puppies do look cute. But miniature donkeys are cuter.