Beware the occasional driver.

There are many reasons my wife and I do not own a car and when I have more time I will blog about them. As you can see I have a licence to drive. It is a very recent acquisition - I didn't learn to drive until I was in my thirties. I only learned because not having learned to drive was becoming a social stigma. I use it infrequently. I think it is also fair to say that my wife and I are not natural motorists.

Where do you drive to? The shops? The cinema multiplex? The suburbs? Ikea? I drive to none of these places. When I drive, I drive to Brighton.

The fact is that it is cheaper for two people to hire and fuel a car for five days and travel from York to Brighton in it, than it is for them to get there by train. The conversation during which I exclaimed "But we don't want to buy the train, we just want to ride on it for a bit" was the last straw and now when we go on a long journey in the U.K., it is often by car.

The nice people at Enterprise have given us this
one. Please give it plenty of space. It will contain a bewildered looking couple, the driver will be arguing with the Satellite Navigation device and frantically trying to work out the windscreen wipers/headlights/heater/brakes, the passenger will be frenetically cross-stitching and chain-eating travel sweets in order to divert her attention from the horrifying speed of motorway traffic and the shouting, arm waving, button jabbing madman to her right. Also, please leave us a large space when we get there, I haven't parallel parked since I passed my driving test.
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Bri said...

Good luck with the drive. Its a nice car. Have you made a travel CD?

Marc said...

Thanks Bri, I will be taking soothing, restful music. There will definitely be some Simon and Garfunkel involved.

Simon said...

The vision of your journey resulted in my screen being covered in tea. I guess your scenario is better than the driver frenetically cross-stitching and the passenger trying to work the breaks.

Marc said...

It is Simon, but I'm not ruling that scenario out completely.