Hi, my name’s Marc and this is my blog.  This is my first post so I thought I would ease myself in gently by welcoming you to the blog and by explaining why I have started it.

Welcome to the blog.

I’m a bit of a polymath or, more accurately, a generalist - I have many interests and dabble in many things.  I’ve always enjoyed writing yet don’t do it regularly enough, and recently I’ve begun to realise how much I miss doing it.  I have been micro-blogging and posting a lot on the internet and I was enjoying it tremendously.  Then I wrote a rather wordy piece in the comments section of a friend’s blog and he suggested that I should start my own, I believe the subtext was “…and stop spamming the comments section of my blog with your bizarre utterances”.  That planted the germ of an idea in my head and, undeterred by the cruel slight, this is the result.

From this blog you can expect just about anything except punctuality and posts about knitting.  Some of the things that you are likely to see are posts about my cat, beer reviews, photographs, cycling stuff, friends who are more interesting and talented than me, links to fun and interesting stuff, American literature, musical things, and hopefully some wit and wisdom of my own.

I have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions list to help you, the reader.




Does writing a blog make you an egomaniac?

It does not.  It is not the cause of my egomania, it is merely a symptom.

Will reading your blog be a valuable learning experience?

Yes.  You will learn many, many important things, mostly about my cat.

Will you be using your blog to show us your pictures and your videos?

That’s a great idea, thanks.  Yes, seeing as you asked so nicely.


Why should I read your blog?

You already are.


Is it safe to stare directly at your blog?

Only if suitably equipped with Ray-Bans.


Can your blog cause unwanted pregnancies?

That is extremely unlikely, read it at your own risk though.


Would you like a glass of sparkling water?

Yes please.


If I leave your blog in the car, with the windows closed on a hot, sunny day will it die?

No, but it may smell a bit.


Are you aware that asking and answering your own questions makes you look a bit crazed?

I have become gradually aware of that, but having started, I feel compelled to continue.


If, when you come to upload this, it fails to upload will your second blog be entitled “A Blog Ate My Homework”?



Would you welcome questions from readers in the comments section below?

I would.  I have run out of questions now but appear to have several answers left over.


Jonathan said...

Good and entertaining use of an FAQ. I had never thought of that. I really hope you don't mind me offering you advice like this but if there is one thing I have learnt it is not to dismiss the thought of writing about knitting.

Simon said...

Very entertaining tea-time reading and five hours earlier than promised so you've already blown the lack of punctuality.
Sadly I don't have any questions for you at the moment - if you tell me one of your left over answers maybe I could think of a question to go with it.

Marc said...

Never mind Jonathan. In a year or so people will have forgotten that I did it and you'll be able to use it yourself. You will need to get a cat, however, unless you were considering using different answers.

Thanks Simon. One of my leftover answers is "That's preposterous, goats don't even use allen keys". Good luck!

brian said...

Good first start. Look forward to reading it!

Marc said...

Thanks Brian. I look forward to you reading it.

Simon said...

Marc, a goat just offered to change my bicycle wheel. As a cyclist has this ever happened to you?

Marc said...

It hasn't Simon,I find that the cows scare them away.

Jonathan said...

I'll use different answers. I don't want a cat.