Beware of Greeks bearing discs.

I had the pleasure of listening to my friend Aspa on the radio earlier this evening. We were at university together more years ago than either of us would willingly admit. She has always had a passion for music and brilliant musical taste (I still have some of her cassettes) so it comes as little surprise that she finally has a vehicle to air this.

Today’s programme was her second, so it wasn’t perfect. Every time she faded her microphone in there was a humming which meant that I couldn’t understand a word she said – well, that and the fact that she broadcasts in Greek - the audio quality was a little patchy too. Technical difficulties aside, the show was very enjoyable. The themed playlist (summer, sea, and sunshine) featured a broad array of music and had tracks by Big Brother And The Holding Company, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, the Beach Boys and the Stones, which was all fine by me.

The show, which is broadcast from Chios (don’t panic, I’ve provided a map), will become a regular fixture in the Chios FM schedule from September, and will appear sporadically until then. There will be a different musical theme for each show. You’ll be able to find her in the schedules under the name Ασπασία Ματθαίου - now you know why everyone calls her Aspa.


Anonymous said...

Goodness Marc.. It's so unreal reading this in your blog. I really hope the programme was worth listening. And I do promise to solve all the technical problems sooner or later. Let me tell you that very few people in my little island listen to this kind of music. I'm one of them and I don't know why. It has always been a dream for me to be able to air the music I like. I am really happy you are one of the very few people who witnessed this dream come true.