Something For The Ladies

I suppose my blog can be a bit phallocentric at times, inevitable really, being written by a man.  It probably doesn't cater for the female readership as well as it should.  The hottest pictures that I've posted on here have been of Elizabeth Carrington and all that women have had to look at have been pictures of tweezed, manicured, moisturised, metrosexual me.  I have decided to correct this imbalance forthwith.  I've heard that they like this sort of thing so here, just for the ladies, is a nice bit of ruff.


Sarah said...

Oooh, great picture!

I still prefer the 23 pictures of Michael Bublé in one of your previous blog posts.

Marc said...

The pointy man? Seriously? You prefer him to this bearded dreamboat? Women are weird.