There has long been speculation that the NASA moon landings of the 1960s and 1970s were a hoax perpetrated by NASA and the US government.  There are many books and films and much of the internet is devoted to this topic.  At 12:31pm today, NASA claimed that it had bombed the moon in an experiment to discover water there.  Here are seven signs that NASA faked today's moon bombing.

1.  NASA's television images showed no light flash from the first bomb, explosions create light and dust, none of this is visible.  See it for yourself here.

2.  NASA claim that they bombed the moon's South Pole.  This is ridiculous, the footage shows no evidence whatsoever of moon penguin corpses.

3.  The bombing took place at 12:31pm BST.  I looked out of the window, it was daytime and the moon wasn't even out.

4.  We're all familiar with NASA's mission control centre.  We know that it looks like this:

The mission control shown in the moon bombing footage is clearly someone's bedroom (thanks to @davidofyork for that observation).

5.  Americans are excitable and prone to prolonged and elaborate displays of self-congratulation (the average American Football game contains seventy-six minutes of play and two hours of congratulation).  If NASA had really completed a successful moon mission, would this have happened?

6.  According to NASA the rocket was moving at twice the speed of a bullet.  Everyone knows that only Superman is faster than a speeding bullet.

7.  If America had attempted to bomb the moon, the sun would have been destroyed in a "friendly-fire" incident.  It's still there.

I'm sure that in the fullness of time, when the footage has been more rigorously analysed, more evidence will emerge to support the notion that the moon bombing was a NASA hoax.  Do you have evidence?  Have you observed anything anomalous or suspicious?  Please share it via the comments section.

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Simon said...

I don't know if this is evidence of the hoax but in that footage. The guy in a black shirt is clearly packing up and going home - he's not even a tiny bit interested in staying around to see what happens after the bombing - that's because there wasn't one. He just wants to get out of the geeks bedroom as soon as he can.

Marc said...

You've hit the nail on the head there, Simon. He's just packing his props away and getting ready to rush off to his next job, a theatre engagement perhaps, or a small role in a television soap opera.

Sarah said...


Roo said...

They missed and hit a wedding party instead, just the news of that hasn't broken yet!

Marc said...

Sarah, thanks.
Roo, they probably buried the news. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

HA HA! Glad people like you have all the answers. Saves you from having to strain that brain to think just a little bit. Oh well. Allow government to do your thinking for you. Truly pathetic. Have a nice life as compliant sheep. Peace. ++STENDEK++

Marc said...

Anonymous, thanks. Glad people like you have all of the questions, however nebulous. Have a nice life as an anonymous not-sheep.

Jonathan said...

Are you sure that anon commented on the correct blog?

Marc said...

I'm not certain that Anonymous commented on the correct internet.

Jonathan said...

Haha! Very good.