Adjectives, fun for all the family.

I devised a mental exercise for myself, one that I thought it would aid both brevity and vocabulary. I decided to try to sum up the major, or more obvious, character traits or circumstances of people using a single adjective. I've been doing it for everyone I meet, but that doesn't really help anyone unfamiliar with the man at the cycle shop, my next door neighbour, my wife or my friend James. Here are a few celebrities I've done as an example.

Gordon Brown Beleaguered
David Cameron Smug
Kevin Pietersen Rash
Paul Collingwood Resolute
Eamon Holmes Mediocre
Bernie Ecclestone Avaricious
Max Mosley Loathesome
Judy Finnigan Banal
Vladimir Putin Nefarious
Michael Palin Affable
Sarah Palin Malignant
John Barrowman Omnipresent
Jenifer Aniston Girlish
Charlie Brooker Limaceous
Arthur Kade Vainglorious

I've read a good many blogs, and often I find that the comments section of blog posts are the most interesting part. Feel free to play along and post your examples here, I look forward to reading them.
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Jonathan said...

Marc Fearns - Erudite

Marc said...

Jonathan Lee - Benevolent

Simon said...

Andrew Flintoff – Colossal

Marc said...

Simon, that's brilliant. You really have distilled Freddy down to a single adjective.

The Colossus of Rhodes was magnificent but short-lived, it was brought down by an earthquake after only fifty-six years - a physical trauma that robbed it of its magnificence and caused it to be unfit for its purpose prematurely. It works both as an adjective and as a sad analogy.

Jonathan said...

Adolf Hitler - Hitlertorial

Marc said...

Hitlertorial? That sounds like a fascist infomercial.