Graffiti, part one.

Someone has written this on a wall near my house. I assume that they're trying to cock a snook at the forces of law and order. I don't think they've thought it through properly. Wouldn't the police rather enjoy that? Wouldn't that cause there to be more of them?

The word police is a little indistinct though, perhaps it says "Fuck The Polite"? Surely "Make love to the polite" would a more appropriate term.

It could say "Fuck The Pohu". My exhaustive research has revealed that Pohu are a Shanghai based hydraulics company. If it refers to them, it's in the wrong place and needs to be moved approximately 6000 miles to the right.

Come on graffitists of York. A little more thought and a little less ambiguity please.
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Anonymous said...

It could also be 'fuck The Police'. A really disappointed fan maybe?

Marc said...

That's the best interpretation of all, a disgruntled fan who's been harbouring resentment about the group's break-up since the mid '80's. I suppose they could have written "Fuck Sting" instead but that would take a long time.

sparkymarky1973 said...

Bad Graffiti is always a winner isn't it?

A local toilet round our way has a sign reading "please wash your hands" underneath which someone has inscribed "after using this sink" ~ rather aptly as it is the most disgusting, dirtiest public toilet I have ever entered. At least that's better than the last graffiti in there they had removed which read "now wash your cock!"

I wasn't aware anyone in the vicinty kept chickens....

Marc said...

That's quite brilliant sparkymarky1973. It even beats Beware Of The Dog, under which someone has written "he is very sarcastic" on a garden gate near me.