Freak Cycle.

Like most cities, York has a Freecycle scheme - a great way of cutting down waste and one I heartily applaud. It's an online list of items that members want to give away, and also items that members would like. No money must change hands for the items. It's a handy way to stop things getting thrown away unnecessarily. I subscribe to the Freecycle Digest too. I get a few emails a day with an updated list. It is split into three categories: Taken, Offered and Wanted. Here are some of the items from the past week. I have not made any of these up, only the comments in italics are mine.

Offered: Christmas wreath - Have you cancelled Christmas in your house?
Offered: Broken paving
Offered: Clothes hangers
Wanted: Dishwasher - There's nothing like ambition, I shall be requesting an Aston Martin soon.
Offered: Ja Ja Binks rucksack - Alternatively, stick a sign on your child's back that says "kick me".
Wanted: Round door handle
Offered: Blackout curtains - Put that bloody light out, don't you know there's a war on!
Wanted: All things Egyptian - I'm not sure that we have the space in York.
Wanted: Non-working Nokia 6500 slide - Why specify non-working? Can't you break one?
Offered: Candia long life milk (out of date) - Hmm, tempting.
Wanted: Caravan
Offered: Fire extinguisher, Minimax model 4a (1962) - One for the collectors out there.
Offered: Mens medium beige striped pyjama bottoms
Wanted: Blacksmith's anvil - Strangely, this was not requested by a Wile E. Coyote.
Offered: Arrid XX Womens spray on deodorant (only used twice)
Offered: Rubber fancy dress Roman tie-on armour breastplate - Just what I needed.
Wanted: Sega Megadrive and Sonic The Hedgehog game - Could anyone be more specific?
Wanted: UPVC opening window, 26"wide x 30" tall - Apparently they can.
Taken: Matchboxes

Feel a bit less mad now? Good, me too.

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