A Box.

"It's very nice of you darling.  It's a lovely thought," she said, and kissed me on the top of my head.

No, I didn't know what those words meant when they were spoken to me at 7:20am either.  I grunted, to acknowledge receipt of the words, and buried my head under the duvet.  I heard the front door close as she left for work about a minute later.  I returned to sleep.

I stumbled down the stairs about an hour later, yawning and rubbing my eyes. On arrival at the bottom of the stairs I encountered this box standing in the hallway, just inside the front door.  The name and address on the label were mine.

I became tremendously excited, my new bike had arrived!  Well, new to me, it's actually quite an old bike.

No matter what age you are, I thought, there's nothing more exciting than receiving a new bicycle.  I considered this for a short while and realised that there was probably one thing more exciting than receiving a new bicycle -  receiving a new bicycle that you weren't expecting.

I sauntered off to the kitchen for coffee.  As I drank I puzzled over the enigmatic phrase that I'd half heard earlier.  "It's a lovely thought", "It's very nice of you".  What could those words refer to?  Had I dreamt them?  How could she know what I was thinking?

When I finished my coffee a few minutes later I was no wiser.  I returned to the exciting package.  Despite being an old bicycle, the sender had managed to find an almost new cycle box to pack it in.  Large and prominent logos were emblazoned over it.  It was clearly from the well known cycle manufacturer Trek.  I made my way round to the front of the box.  It was there that I found this label.

Suddenly it all became clear.  I may have some explaining to do this evening.
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Jonathan said...

Jonathan likes this. Well done. Glad it arrived.

Simon said...

Excellent. You've probably still got a couple of hours to find Ladies bicycle so you have less explaining to do.

Marc said...

Jonathan, thanks. I note that you're still doing the third person/self-reference thing. I had hoped that you were going to seek some sort of professional help for that (or even amateur help).

Simon, there is a ladies bicycle chained to the front gate of the house next door. Do you know any way that I can move our house three feet to the left?

Jonathan said...

It comes and goes, but Jonathan takes your advice on board and will now do something about it.

Marc said...

I is glad to hear it.

Sarah said...

So how did you explain it?

Marc said...

Fortunately Briony came home apologetically explaining that she'd never get time to use it and didn't like riding bicycles and that it was a lovely gesture but she didn't really want it. "Never mind dear," I said, "I'll put it together and use it myself as my urban bike."

She accepted this gladly and wandered off to play with the cat.

After about ten minutes she came back and said "You didn't but the bike for me at all, did you?" She was relieved rather than angry.

Sarah said...

Well that's alright then.

Jonathan said...

You should so write a book. I'd buy it.

Marc said...

Done. Do you you want me to type it up or is hand-written okay?

Jonathan said...

Have you really? Type it up and send it over.