The Future's Bright, The Future's Apple.

That's an advert for the Apple II, an early Mac.  There is another page of technical information that goes with it, boasting of the machine's 15 color (it's an American advert) video graphics, 4K of RAM and 8K of ROM.  I haven't posted that, it's very dull.

I'm really struck by the image.  Brilliant, isn't it?  A modern couple in their kitchen.  The wife, chopping tomatoes by the kitchen sink, coffee-pot at the ready, gazing lovingly at her husband.  The husband, a pioneering home computer user enjoying a cup of coffee and constructing a graph.  Perhaps she's glancing over to see if his coffee cup needs a refill.

I wonder what the graph's for.  Perhaps Mr Modern is observing Mrs Modern at work in the kitchen and is calculating how to make her more efficient.  What a nice thing to do.  I'm sure she'll be so grateful for his time and insight when, once she's finished the washing up, they sit down after dinner to go through his report.  Obviously he'll explain the findings of the report to her, he won't want to concern her pretty little head with the minutiae of his complex calculations.

I can hear him now, "Your chopping technique is quite inefficient.  I've calculated that if we can optimise the efficiency of your down-stroke, you'll be able to save 37.5 seconds per tomato -   that's five minutes for every eight tomatoes chopped."
"That's nice honey."
"Just think of how you could use those five saved minutes.  You could paint your nails, do some sewing, or clean the oven."
"Oh darling, you are wonderful.  I'm sorry that I was so sceptical when you suggested that we get an Apple II.  I can see now that having a computer will make our marriage so much better - we'll have so much more time to spend together."
"I knew you'd understand the benefits of a home computer if they were properly explained to you. How clever of you to grasp them so quickly."
"Why thank you.  More coffee, darling?

Don't you just love the future?
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