The Compromise Of Art

I love my collection of Jacques Tati film posters. I like jazz album artwork, Soviet propaganda pictures and my own photography. My wife does not. She prefers pictures that she has cross-stitched from patterns. She likes pictures of the cat, pictures of friends and relatives - however homely, monstrous or misproportioned - and more pictures of the cat. I like none of those things.

Consequently, putting a picture up in our house requires negotiations as protracted as those involved in fashioning a nuclear disarmament treaty - except that picture negotiations require fewer translators and more shouting...and sulking...and silences...and resentment...and tantrums...

That's why I was so surprised and delighted when I discovered a bag in the dining room containing this.

It's the first picture Briony has bought that I actually like. I have no idea who the lady in the picture is but she's going to look terrific on the living room wall. Strange really, you think that after eight years of marriage you really know someone, and then they do something totally unexpected and bring home a nice picture of a hot girl.

Briony's out at the moment. I'm going to put it up right now to surprise her.
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Elizabeth Carrington said...

You do make me blush Marcy.

Marc said...

Sorry, perhaps I've placed you too close to the fire.

Sarah said...

What did Briony say? I'm intrigued.

Simon said...

I hope Elizabeth doesn't get covered up by a cross-stitched picture of your cat.

Marc said...

Sarah, nothing yet. She hasn't noticed.

Simon, why would you buy a picture and then cover it up with another one, that doesn't make any sense.