Jonathan Trott is on Facebook!

Remember Federico Macheda, the seventeen year old Manchester United striker who scored a sensational injury time winner on his debut against Aston Villa last season? He suddenly went from the obscurity of the reserve team to become very famous and popular indeed. One of the consequences of his new found fame was that he received thousands of friend requests on Facebook.

When Jonathan Trott made his terrific England debut last week it occured to me that he might also get inundated with Facebook friend requests, so I got mine in early. To my surprise it was accepted quite quickly. I've taken a screenshot of his profile page and posted it here in case you're not lucky enough to have your friend request accepted.

If you click on the image, it will become bigger.

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Jonathan said...

I actually worry about how you are going to top this post. Maybe you should do a Freddie now? Concentrate on a shorter version. Twitter.

Marc said...

Fear not Jonathan. I have an excellent plan in place for topping this post. I will post another one, and it will appear above it. I'm not ready for the I.P.L. yet.

Jonathan said...

Good news. Except this. I have noticed an error. You did not add 'Jonathan Trott' next to 'Settings'. Start again.

Marc said...

Jonathan, sign in to Facebook and go to your profile page, note that it says "Jonathan Lee" next to "Settings".

Then go to my profile page, note that it still says "Jonathan Lee" next to "Settings".

Then imagine that your are Facebook friends with Jonathan Trott and go to his profile page, note that it says "Jonathan Lee" next to "Settings"(and probably says "Free tea for writers", you are imagining it, after all).

I removed the bit that said "Marc Fearns" next to "Settings" because I felt that people would be easily confused by that and I would get comments along the lines of "You're an idiot Fearns, it's obviously not real, you left your name on it". I thought that it's removal would save me from making many lengthy, explanatory posts in the comments section.

I wasn't expecting anyone to question the lack of a name though, so well done on your observant and sophisticated approach to being wrong.

Jonathan said...

Oh yes. Good point. Well made. I retract my order for you to start again.