Twitter Is Down!

I returned home an hour ago to discover that Twitter is down. This is terrible. I need to discuss why Twitter is down with other Twitter users but I can't because Twitter is down.

I'm going to have to do something productive instead possibly involving a large owl, food shopping or the cat. I might even have to resort to actual conversation.

I'll come back and check every few minutes, just in case.

Update : No Twitter +1:47

Wife and cat are both asleep so actual conversation attempts thwarted. Food shopping stymied for same reason. Large owl updates hampered by lack of Twitter.

I have loaded the dishwasher and started preparing dinner. I have eaten some Grape Nuts and have made a cup of herbal tea. The weather is overcast. I may go for a cycle ride.

I feel disconnected and bereft of social interaction.

Does Stephen Fry even exist any more? Do I exist any more? Do you?

Update : No Twitter +2:13

What was the world like before Twitter? How did we interact? What did we do?


Sarah said...

What are we supposed to do with all the tweets that we would have tweeted if we could have?

Marc said...

Good point Sarah, we should send them to the people who disrupted Twitter. We should send them all at the same time.

Jonathan said...

It's Thursday and twitter went down again. Is this your working Marc?

Marc said...

It is not, Jonathan. But then again, I didn't promise to bring Twitter down on a Thursday. You, however, did promise such a thing in the comments section of your own blog. Perhaps you should pay Sarah to revisit your blog comments for you.