Les Follicules De La Folie

I went to see Mesrine:Part One today. A fantastic film, I heartily reccommend it. I eagerly anticipate the release of Mesrine:Part Two later this month. There was only one aspect of the film that displeased me - Vincent Cassel's moustache.

More specifically, Vincent Cassel's moustache annoyed me between 1959 and 1968. After that *spoiler alert* he grew it out a little and it stopped annoying me. For the first hour of the film, however, it appears that Cassel is attempting to balance an anemic, over-fastidiously manicured hyphen on his upper lip. It's totally out of keeping with the character he's playing. It's not the moustache of a violent criminal, it's the moustache of an aging, prissy, pensions adviser.

Nothing in the history of cinema has been so distracting. I spent a substantial part of the film wondering why the other characters weren't pointing and laughing at him.

Here's a quote for the poster: "Vincent Cassell as Mesrine sports the most ridiculous piece of face furniture I've ever seen." - Marc Fearns.

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