A Public Information Announcement.

I'm no scientist. Nevertheless, I can reveal that leaving the foil seal half on beneath the lid of a plastic milk bottle will not make the milk last twice as long before it goes off. It will, however, cause the milk to spill over the worktop and cascade down the front of the cupboard, where it will land on the feet of an unsuspecting milk-user who just fancied a nice bowl of Grape Nuts to accompany his morning cup of coffee and instead ended up cold-footed, dancing in a lactic lake.

That was a Public Information Announcement.
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Simon said...

Very informative blog Marc, not only did I learn that it's a bad idea to pour milk on your foot but I also realised I need to buy grape nuts. Thank you.

Marc said...

You're welcome, Simon. I'm here to help. Next week I'll be warning of the consequences of not replacing the lid on the tomato ketchup bottle correctly. I will also be reminding readers to stock up on fish fingers (non-cod).