The Large Owl: Part Two


Jonathan said...

Your last two posts are better than my last two. This is not what the doctor ordered.

Marc said...

That's not true Jonathan, your post today where you become a hot girl before you die is great.

Your tennis item from yesterday inspired me to invent a new game that I will be asking you to participate in.

Neither of your last two posts are up to the standard of And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon:


That would be difficult though, as that is the best writing that I've seen you produce - I hope the book is that good.

I'm glad you like the large owl. It will be an ongoing feature, I've already made six. I feel sure you'll like the next one.

Simon said...


Will the giant owl be stopping any whistling steam trains or dressing as Ian 'Superman' Bell?

Marc said...

Who knows what the large owl will do, Simon - or where he will do it. I can confirm that the large owl will be near cricket and trams at some point in the future, or rather the rediscovered past.

Jonathan said...

Thanks Marc.I have often thought I would make a hot girl. Yes, the book is very much like the cow post. That style anyway. Or at least it will be when all the edits are done.

You should write a book on owls though. Or maybe write a book as an owl. Now that would be great.